About Your Loving Neighbor

Supporting the local community

At Loving Neighbor we offer a support system for individuals in everyday hardship situations who may not have the support of family, church, or community. We empower people of like-mind to support each other through challenging experiences we all encounter. We build relationships, strengthen community ties, and encourage individuals and families to keep moving forward.

Our History

Founded in 2020, need I say more?

Visionary and Founder Andrea Ward’s story is not uncommon. In 2020, 4 years after her veteran husband’s military retirement and spending the previous 5 years in 5 different states building her professional network and pursuing career goals, COVID hit, she lost a pregnancy, and found both herself and her veteran husband unemployed. As a person who suffered from depression and anxiety most of her life, she mostly felt alone and too ashamed to ask for help with the daunting and ever present tasks that slowly begin to take their toll: the damn laundry, the pet hair on the floors, the stream of CONSTANT dishes. When a friend purchased and gifted 5 hours of maid service, Andrea hesitantly accepted, and thought about all the times she’d offered help to others who did not accept. She remembered her service in the Army Family Readiness Group when the help she offered was graciously accepted and equally graciously received. Her goal and greatest desire is to bring this support network into the civilian world and normalize community support, outside of church/faith based networks.

Your Loving Neighbor, Andrea

“It’s hard to ask for help, but we all need it sometimes.”

Andrea Ward

founding Board Members

Julie Henderson

Julie;s Bio Coming Soon…

Caitlin Rice

Volunteer Melbourne Florida FL Loving Neighbor Non Profit Board Member Community Outreach Caitlin Rice Eclat Media Group

Caitlin Rice is the founder of Éclat Media group, a boutique public relations agency in Melbourne, Florida. In addition to serving on the board of directors for Loving Neighbor, she serves on the executive board of the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard as treasurer and is an active member and ambassador of the Melbourne Regional Chamber.

The mission of Loving Neighbor is important to Caitlin as she understands the importance of a supportive community in times of need and the ability to ask for that help without the fear of embarrassment or guilt.

Tara Johnson

Volunteer Melbourne Florida FL Loving Neighbor Non Profit Board Member Community Outreach Tara Johnson Neal Johnson Mortgage Team

Tara was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida. She loved it so much, that she bought a house here! She has an amazing boyfriend, and a dog named Cesar, and a cat named Arya. She has been in banking since 2008 and is a Mortgage Loan Originator with the Neal Johnson Team at Union Home Mortgage. She is extremely involved in the Melbourne Regional Chamber as an MRC Board Member, the Ambassador Chair for 2021, and she participates on several committees within. She has served as the Co-Chair for Engage Young Professionals in 2020 and received the 2019 Engage Young Professional of the Year award, as well as the Space Coast Business Under 40 Winner in the finance Category in 2019. She is extremely excited to add Loving Neighbor INC to her plate, because she feels it is necessary. In her words, “This non-profit seeks out to help those in need who have trouble asking for it. We all know how difficult it is to ask for a helping hand, especially when other factors, like depression and anxiety get the best of us, and make us feel like we are not worth someone else’s time and effort. Lovingneighbor.org is here to help those people. I believe in this organization and I am proud of the founder, and my friend, Andrea Ward for starting this very necessary non-profit.”

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