Public Notice: Board Meeting Rescheduled for 3/5/21

Meeting rescheduled for 3/5/21 at 11am EST. Meeting will be held over Google Meet. Join here:


Loving Neighbor Inc

March 5, 2021 11:00am EST. 

Google Hangouts:

BoardMembers: Colleen Culley, Julie Henderson, Tara Johnson, Caitlin Rice. 


  1. Administrative – Andrea Ward
    1. Welcome and Introductions 
    2. Chair Nominations  (Action item)
      1. President: Caitlin Rice
      2. Vice President: Julie Henderson
      3. Secretary Treasurer: Tara Johnson
    3.  Approval of Agenda (Action Item)
    4. 2021 Potential Conflict Disclosure
      1.  Board Member’s request to disclose any conflict of interests with agenda items and/or any business relationships between board. 
  2. Approval of ByLaws (Action Item)
    1. ByLaws
      1. Supplemental Material: 3.5.21 Item A Loving Neighbor, INC By Laws
  3. Director’s Report – Andrea Ward 
    1. Supplemental Material: 3.5.21 Item B Directors Report Loving Neighbor
    2. Mission and Vision
    3. “Non-Faith Based Organization” definition 
    4. Liability Insurance
    5. Founding Donations
    6. Volunteer qualifications
      1. Background Checks
    7. Sales and Marketing 
      1. BNI- Referral Rockstars
      2. Sugar Packets – Boots On The Ground
      3. Fundraising Ideas
      4. Digital Marketing – Volunteer Recruitment
  4. 2021 Committee Formations (Action Item)
    1. Marketing Committee
    2. Volunteer Engagement Committee
    3. Legal Committee
  5. Other business and Board Members
    1. Colleen Culley
    2. Julie Henderson
    3. Tara Johnson
    4. Caitlin Rice
  6. VI. Public Comment

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